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Equestrian Italy - Horse riding trails in Rome & Horseback riding vacations in Italy

July 21th 2016


It's July, the perfect season for horseback riding vacations, so as the equestrian blog of this month speaks about special horseback riding adventure trail, the exclusive horse riding day for girls! We use to organize horse riding trails for small groups of riders, becouse it's important for us to link the rider with the horse to start real friendship, giving all the instructions and the cares like a private riding tour, but in this case, biggest is the group of riders, better should be the horse riding experience!

Equestrian Italy - Horse riding Trails in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Europe
Equestrian Vacations Italy - Horseback riding Trails in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Europe
Equestrian holidays in Italy - Horse riding Trekking in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Rome

We start the horse riding day, taking the horses from the paddok, we feed them with grass and a basket with carrots and apples, later we groom the horses and we put the saddle on them. Now it's time to ride!
The tipical horseriding trail ,for this particular equestrian experience, is naturalistic trekking in the pinewood of the natural reserve near the beach of Rome, where it's usual to ride and encountering many wild animal from  squirrels to the hawks!



Equestrian vacations Italy - Horseback riding adventure in Italy &  Horseback riding holidays in Europe
Equestrian Italy - Horses & riders Trekking in Italy &  Horseback riding experience in Europe
Blog for Equestrians - Horseback riding Trekking in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Rome
We love this horseback riding adventure becouse it's an entire day with horses completely immersed in the countryside and..for many other reasons! All the riders have different ages and different nationality so the horse day for girls became a real amazonas forum! We have many special moment like equestrians and not only for this reason! Sometimes we speaks about equestrian matters or tipical female arguments and so this kind of horseback riding experience is better than hairdresser salon for gossip!
Other time we love to listen the peacefull silence of the wood and the sound of the horses foot, here is clear the magic sound of the earth and it's simpler feel the connection between the heart and the Nature all around us!
Equestrian Italy - Horse riding Trails in Italy, Pony trekking & Ranch vacations in Europe
Equestrian Italy - Horse riding holidays in Italy &   ranch vacations in Europe
Equestrian Italy - Horse riding Trails in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Europe



Our horse day starts in the morning and we stop only for the lunch, when we use to eat sandwiches just to spend more time with horses. The horseback riding continues riding in the beautifull fields in which we love to gallop, for the happines of horses and riders. When we arrive on the top of the hill, it's impressive the scenery in front of us, where the countryside encounter the beauty of the Eternal City! Also the horses are very pleased to spend  time here becouse the grass is ever abundant and green!

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One horse day is good thing an horse trip is better so we are arranging a special horseridong vacation only for girls especially becouse during this equetrian experience many of us doesn't know each other before and many friendship born  on horseback so let's start the horseback riding holiday to become more united!

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During this horseback riding adventure we discover charming landscapes, beautifull jewells of the Nature and we discover the Armony all around us! That's a great horseback riding day!

All of us learnt some equestrian notions and especially one thing that you can find only when you are living peacefully. We come back home bringing with us something of this magic atmosphere and sure some new friends!

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Join the Party! Get 10% of discount on the 2nd activity choosen & have fun long the best Riding Trails in Italy!!

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