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Equestrian Italy - Horse riding trails, outdoors & adventure holiday in Rome

Archaeological Tours & Gastronomic Tastings


Come with us to experience Archaeological and Naturalistic trails in beautifull riding trails in Lazio, seeing around the charming cities, near Rome. Come with the archaeology who talks about history and art, riding between Castles, Medieval towns and archaeological areas where you can take part to the excavation and discover architecture and the sense of beauty, in perfect armony with the poetic landscape of Italy.


During your ranch vacations, you can discover the enchanting place crossing the same trails that the men that design the history of the world rides as well, long time ago. We start our guided tour from Rome, meeting the ancient Roman period, visiting all the incredible therms, ports, commercial areas and imperial buildings. We do one jump into the history, going to the enchanting south with the myth of the Giants Pelasgi, arriving in north of lazio with the Etruscan people, seeing their advanced politic, fine jewellery and ceramics, painted statues and religion with its important funerary cult.

Walking in the history, crossing Lazio, we meet the period of the Pope, who governed this lands for more than 700 years and built beautifull cities as Viterbo or Tivoli. We go through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and arriving to Contemporary Art, to having fun in this places and to taste its gastronomic particularities!

Discover the amazing cities of Central Italy, walking on its ancient roads, rich museums and elegant buildings with private guided tours during your horseriding holidays from Rome, book now and you'll meet deeply the culture and masterpieces of Italy!



"  Today we were treated to the best excursion while staying in Roma! Alessia, our instructor was nothing short of wonderful! She picked us up at the bus station and drove us to the lovely equestrian center. Alessia's lovely personality together with her skill of horsemanship and knowledge of the historical area made for a perfect experience! This excursion is 100% worth its value!   You will be pleased to join this activity!"

By Gerrill F. on Trip Advisor

Gastronomical Tours


The Gastronomic tours dedicated to delicatessen of Lazio present a savour trails along the Cassia way and the Appian Way, knowing and to tasting the wine and food of a region, with a tradition of thousands long two major roads are ,called ' Consular Roads ' built in the fourth century BC, today we know it as the ”Streets of Flavour”.

Riding in the country around Rome, far from the " speed" of the consumistic system, you can unravel a dedicated slow trail for who wants tasting a trip in time : so you can recover those ' old recipes ' ,which risk being forgotten , and most importantly , learn about the eating habits of those who, throughout the ages , has inhabited this region.


Every horseriding trails is characterized by its style, exquisite countryside, long-held traditions, rich cultural heritage and cuisine. With us you can taste the famed culinary tradition ,infact our finest tours combine excellent horseriding trails with the best gourmet delicatessen and wine of Italy. You can even learn from some of the region’s best cooks, on our horseback riding trails and Gastronomic routes, as well as some of our other tours throughout Italy.


The style of Italian cuisine follows a few specific rules : a thorough knowledge of the raw materials and manufacturing processes of food products, the tecnique for the preparation , simple but never ordinary .
Our proposals ranging from tastings to real culinary workshops , courses with effective learning experience, discovering new trends and enjoing the slow food market and the gastronomy italian tour 



Whether you are lured by the rich history stretching back to the ancient Roman empire, the long established culinary traditions, or simply the romanticism of a Mediterranean escape, Equestrian Italy has a horseriding holidays in Italy to suit.



"  Very good travel with great cultural degustation's tour long enchanting landscape, we are love our guide,she is very nice person,

bought us have a fantastic travel!"

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