The Etruscan Weekend
Sovana & Pitigliano, Tuscany
9&10 Agoust 2014

A travel on horseback riding from Sovana, medieval city of Maremma,  walking in wilde nature long the cave's way to Pitigliano and his amazing architectre built on jewish origins. In this scenografic place we taste the delicious tuscany cousine and its wine visiting the best "cantine.The next morning we start the route for Saturnia and the marvellous natural term for arrive in the night at Scansano.

Felicia Tempora Festival
Acqueduct Park, Rome
27-28 Septmber 2014

An emotioning jump in the Middle Eve visiting the medival camp with storical archery lessons, medieval duells,  artigian stands and gastronomic tasting, that follow the original ancient receipes. For horse lovers we organize horseback riding trail and hiking long the Roman Acqueduct, near the camp where dancers start the medieval dance around the fire! An incredible trip in the history!

FAI Giovani Roma & Equestrian Italy
Appian Park, Rome
25th April 2013


Great day "Fai a Cavallo della Storia" thanks the partnership of FAI , Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano and our team. We start the horseback riding trail with also cyclist and walking people long the Appian Way, meanwhile on the green field of the equestrian center, relaxed people do yoga lesson. Someone play chess speaking about the miths and the legend of this wonderfull parck, near the artigianal stands ,in the pic-nic area with slow food market, full of friends. One beautifull experience for nature lovers between archaeology and sports!



Riding in Italy Photo Gallery


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Horseriding on the Beach


Ancient Ostia, Rome

31th January 2016


Incredible Horseriding day from the Archaeological area of Ancient Ostia, to the beach of Rome, riding on the side of the Tiber River with a group of riders and Horse lovers!



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  Gallery from Cavalieri di Gaia Events and Horseback Riding Adventure with Equestrian Italy

Ancient Ostia & the Castle


Ancient Ostia, Rome

May 27th 2015


The adventurose horseday in Rome following the Tiber river, riding long the border of the archaeological area of Ancient Ostia, the portual city of the Roman Empire, arriving to the Middle Eve, visiting the precious Castle of Giulio II and the house where Mussolini lived during the work to manage the archaeological area. This charming horse riding trail cross the colored countryside of the natural Reserve, where you can watch wild animal as foxes, hawks, turtle and much more.



Horse riding  holidays in the Mountains
June 12th&13 2016


Beautifull Horseback riding holidays in Abruzzo, riding in enchanting landscape with hills pointed of flowers and high mountains that are the original scenery of the most important italian western's film made by Sergio Leone.




Horse riding on the Beach
The beach, Rome
April 15th 2016


Horseriding adventure in the beach of Rome, starting from our equestrian center, we ride crossing the pinewood and arriving the the sea in one of the most scenic horseback riding trails of Rome.


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"Amazing adventure !

Thank you so much Equestrian Italy and its team for everything you made me lived !I won't ever forget anything from this beautiful and awesome horsedays !!

Expérience incroyable aux cotés d'Alessia et de ses chevaux. Nous avons passé la journée entière à sillonner la côte romaine et l'Ancient Ostia, sa nature, ses ruines et sa ville.  Aventure à vivre absolument pour découvrir les alentours de Rome autrement et profiter pleinement de l'histoire et la nature de la ville antique. Facilité d'accès en métro ou train, dépaysement total ! "


By ‪Manon K on TripAdvisor

Tipical horse riding
day in Rome
Ancient Ostia, Rome
March 18th 2016


Come with us to experience the equestrian life style riding all the day to discover the nature of Rome, full of ancient testimonies and adventurose riding trails. An Incredible horseback riding trekking between the river and the Villa di Plinio. Ready to ride with us?




Horse riding trail
Adventure for Amazonas
July 2016


Exclusive horse riding trail for ladies, an incredible equestrian experience for women, riding in the countryside. A romantic and happy horseback riding trail for beginner and expert riders discovering the life at the ranch in Rome!




Horseback riding vacation on the Mountains
August 5th&6th 2016


Horseback riding vacation in Abruzzo, riding into forest with wild animals and charming landscapes where you fell like John Waine!




Riding Trail in the Pinewood
September 27th 2017


When the first leaves start to fall and the colours of the forest become warmer the pinewood riding trail is the favourite one! Come on and ride with us!




Cavalry in Rome,
Riding at the Palio of Ostia
September 24th&25 2016


Incredible reenanctement festival in Rome, two days between miths and legenday characthers like kings, princeps, knites, beautifull horses, dancers, artists, the falconer and much more for Festival of Reinassence and the horse race!




Ranch vacations
Ranch vacations
Ranch vacations
Inside the Ranch
December 27th 2017


Adrenaline can become addicting, but risking your life isn't a habit you should fall into! Enjoy horseback riding adventure in Italy with rides on the beach of Rome, experiencing horse trail in archaeological parks and equestrian vacation for riders & adventurers in our ranch in the natural reserve!




Tours & Outdoors Activtyes for Equestrian in Rome
January 21th 2018


The world is beautifull, with an horse is better! This horse riding trail could show the true Rome, riding in amazing landscapes that you can reach only with horses! Explore the Nature of Italy long horseback riding trails, relax, fun and adventure in the countryside, enjoy the life style in Italy with a special friend!




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