The first Club in Italy

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"In 1871 Rome became the Capital of Italy and many diplomats settled there. The Anglo-Saxons, although fascinated by the ancient beauty of the City, felt the lack of a golf club, so they found a great area in the roman countryside with elegant villas out of town, with their wide grassy areas and large pasture, here starts the game".


This is an ancient document from the January 12, 1903, when born the first Golf club in Italy in the marvellous Appian Park. The land is crossed by the small river Almond, famous especially for the "Metamorphosis" by Ovid, the landscape is slightly hilly, allows the view of the Claudian aqueduct, the Park of Roman Castles, the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and the Archaeological walk of the Grand Tour long Appian Way.

Here you can enjoy the elegant Golf Club during your equestrian vacations in Italy, after an adventurous horse riding tour in this enchanting Park of Rome. The opportunity to see the eighteenth-century façade of S. John, and, in the distance, the majestic figure of St. Peter's, adds the high quality touch to this fine discipline.

Here you can live your horseriding experience with horseback trails, guided cultural tour and many outdoors activities or to tasting gastronomic specialities into this Park that is also the scenery of "the Great Beauty", the film that gave 3 Oscar to Sorrentino!



"I'm not an expert on horse, but I had attracted the idea of spending a day doing a trip in the countryside and in the history of the most beautiful city in the world. I have to thank Alessia who manages tht trip which gave me the opportunity to live a unique experience of its kind that I recommend to everyone."

By Leonardo M. in Tripadvisor