Equestrian Italy - Horse riding trails, outdoors & adventure holiday in Rome


Since ancient time in Rome, the Equites, the military riding, have flanked the mighty legions and they played a fundamental role in the defense of the endless borders of the Roman Empire. Then in the Middle Ages the horse riders became a symbol of power and nobility. The Knights carved the collective imagination with horse palios, medieval tournaments, chivalric poems and legendary horse riding characters. Now we experience the equestrian discipline, during our private horseriding trails, with the same strong passions, big emotions and love for the horses,  the territory and the riding tradition. Try the horse trekking holidays for beginners or the ranch vacations for expert riders along the green landscapes of Lazio and have fun with horseriding vacations in central Italy for horse lovers and slow travellers.


Every horseback riding trail has Naturalistic & Cultural interest for enlighten the beauty of Italy, the marvelous countryside and experience the Italian Gastronomic specialities, typical of the different areas near Rome. Another characteristic of our riding trail and horseback vacations, is linking horseriding trails with many sportive disciplines as falconry, cycling, hiking and much more, according to the needs of each participant thanks to our expert guides.


Book now the best horseriding trails and come with us to try well trained horses and choose which other Outdoor Activities to add for enjoy your trip in Italy and discovering hidden trails, enchanting lakes and ride in the pinewood that smells of the Mediterranean, learning the history, the legends and myths of any Parks in Rome and all around.





"  This was an incredible experience! If you want to spend some 'time away from the busy city and enjoy nature, animals and friendly guides will offer you many opportunities. The prices are low in comparison with others."

By Aneta Z in Tripadvisor