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Equestrian Italy - Horse riding trails, outdoors & adventure holiday in Rome



February 2019

9th February


Taste & Trek


Horse riding with tipical italian gastronomic tastings


23-24th February
Horse riding trips on the mountains for expert riders, have fun like a cow boy!


25-28th February


Enjoy your trail riding in Rome with horseback riding adventure on the beach & dinner belong the Castle


Horse riding into the Histoy


Following the rhythm marked by the horseshoes, we cross the History with the arcaeological trail riding in Rome. An amazing trip from the Roman empire to the medieval ages with horses long the routes of the natural reserve of the Litoral. Experience the horse day long the Ancient Severiana with Roman villas and after a tipical italian lunch we reach the Medieval Castles.

Ride with us, experience a day like a knight!

Equestrian Italy - Horse riding Trails in Rome &  Horseback riding vacations in Italy

Riding with the wolfs

That's a wild trail riding in the Mountains of National Park of Abruzzo. Far only one hour from Rome, you'll meet the italian cow boys to ride in amazing landascapes, galloping in forests and savage countrysides where live free horses, sheeps, cows, wolfs, aegles and bears. Here we arrange horse trips, ranch vacations, winter and summer camps for expert end beginner riders, for all the travellers who want to fell the connection with the Nature and this enchanting land!




Equestrian Italy - Horseriding Trails in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Europe

Riding Adventure on the Beach

The adventurous trail riding to discover the beauty of the landascape around Rome! An incredible rides in the Natural Reserve encountering  the inahbithants of the mediterranean flora and fauna, a  ride following the wonderful  paths in the pine wood  until the beach of Ostia, where the landscape is a marriage between wildness and multicolored cultivated fields.


It's also possible a walking guided tour to the Ancient Ostia's archeological area, the huge portual city, very well conserved by the alluvion that covered it until the ninety Sec. as well as Pompeii and Ercolano, with Domus, frescos, many temples and eighteen Mitreo, mosaics, ancient shops, big fountains and an amazing Amphitheatre where you can assist at theatre shows during summer, an amazing city still lives and bewitch!

Equestrian Italy - Horseriding Trails in Italy &  Horseback riding vacations in Europe

Join the Party! Get 10% of discount on the 2nd activity choosen & have fun long the best Riding Trails in Italy!!

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