Bomaderry and Villa Lante della Rovere

Bomarzo, the lush vegetation of the surreal forest and the soft carpet of green moss covering the rocks and wet areas where you will meet giants, dragons, ogres, monsters and creatures that emerge from the earth excavated on the  natural rocks within the park, who gives rise astonishment for children and adult.
This mystical garden of the sixteenth century, was commissioned by Pier Francesco Orsini, built "just to ease my heart" after the death of his wife, Giulia Farnese, and is home to the most amazing sculptures and legendary creatures such as the sea monster, an ogre whose from its mouth open you can hear the echo, the fountain of Pegasus, the giant turtle with the goddess Victory who is standing on its shell, the winged dragon ,the elephant with Hannibal’s tower and many others mitologic presences. One of the most spectacular buildings in this surreal garden is the leaning house. It’s very inviting....but ironically it was intentionally constructed so guests cannot stay long. Visitors walking through the leaning house have claimed strange gravitational sensations that make it difficult to spend too much time inside this inexplicably strange building.
Unlike the Park of Monsters that was created by dukes such as Orsini, Villa Lante was commissioned by two bishops of Viterbo who succeeded one another: one a man of simple taste, and the second the nephew of Pope Sixtus V who became cardinal at the young age of 17. This quite unusual combination has produced one of the most fascinating Italian gardens of the Mannerist period of Italian Renaissance.The refinement and harmony of the Papal residence have inspired many artists and royal families, defining Villa Lante the quintessential Renaissance

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    Duration: One Day
    Price: 180 € includes
    walking private tour
    car with driver from Villa Lante to Bomarzo
    gastronomic tasting