R180ide between the forest and the beach, we run on the sand dotted of yellow and pink flower into the wonderful pine wood of Castel Fusano where the blue sky smells of salsedine and speaks about liberty .
Here you may be amazed by the show all around , where sea joins in the Mediterranean landscape lulled by the elegant gait of our horse.
The enchanting nature of Ancient Rome full of romance and adventure

  • Details

    Duration: middle day


    Price: 150 Euro,


    • archaeological and naturalistic riding trail with beach ride

                (4-5 hours on the saddle)

    • private tour
    •  visit into Reinassance Village
    • lunch/dinner included


    Level: For expert riders


    Number of People: 1-6 persone. 


    Departure time: at 10.00 am.

    During the summer we start at 3.30 pm.

    It is possible accord the time with the guest


    Meeting Point: Ancient Ostia Station, free shuttle service from the Station to the Ranch.You can easily reach the meeting point in 25 minutes of undergound, ticket price 1.50€

    It's possible arrange a shuttle service with private car and driver from your hotel (far from the City center is 35 minutes)

    or the International Airport of Fiumicino( 15 minutes), with additional cost. Write for more info.


    The Place: Ranch in the Natural Reserve of the Litoral, in Rome


    The Area: Our center is located in the biggest

    archaeological area of Europe, the port of the Roman Empire

    and belong to the Reinassance Village.

    • The center is at 15 minutes of the International Airport of Fiumicino.


    What you can do around:

    • It is possible arrange walking guided tour at the Archaeological area of Ancient Ostia with the Museum and the Castle of Giulio II
    • Practise outdoor activities as rope challenge, archery, climbing, battlefield laser tag and much more
    • Visit the beach of Rome with seafood gastronomic tastings


    Other Activities in the City: It is also possible to choose the duration of the vacation, you can also enrich your trip with private cultural tours in the most important tourist attractions in Rome.

    Some example:

    Park with Lake of Nemi and Lake of Albano with wine tour

    with Adrian's Villa, Villa D'Este, Gregoriana Villa and the waterfall, with fishing and tasting experience