" Walking with Hawk" is an experience for everyone, thinked up to give opportunity to see in flight  birds of prey the most spectacular that nature has given us into the green of the  Roman Castles  : It ' a day with hawks , owls , buzzards ,scops owls .. 
A real crash course in falconry school for adults and younger ...
to meet the falconer and his birds of prey for a brief introduction to the historical - scientific on the falconry art and see the superb birds of prey soar free in the woodland. We will learn some practical skills and theoretical knowledge about their equipment as gloves, caps and blocks.
We will start an exciting excursion into the park ,long the banks of the lake to admire the majestic birds that will accompany us along the path by drawing stunts free in the sky. During the stroll we'll learn the notions about the different kind of flights and the recall and we are ready to experience the practise it. Returned at home,we do some photos and diploma delivery for each participant.
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    Duration: middle day
    Cost: 57 €,
    includes falconery lesson + guided falconery tour + tasting