We visit the Falconry Accademy in the Park of the Roman Castles. We meet the falconer learning about historical and scientific notions about falconry art, practical skills about the equipment as  gloves, caps and blocks.. He host us in the aviary to admire many species of birds of prayer. It's a deep experience with hawks , owls , buzzards , scops owls ..

Finally we move outside to see the superb birds flyng free in the woodland, around the lake of Nemi. 
Here we study the different kinds of flights, the recall and we practing it with the hawks, ready to drow stunts free in the sky starting from our hand and playng hunting with fake 

After receiving photos and diploma from the falconer, we visit the medieval City of Nemi, a precious jowell of Archaeolological Park with the vulcan lake, the floting palace of Caligula and the Temple of Diana. We end the tour savouring strawberry cake and sparkling wine , the gastronomic local specialities, from the beautifull terrace and its suggestive panorama of the lake



  • Details

    Duration: middle day
    Cost: 120 €,

    • includes free entrance at the Accademy
    • falconery lesson
    • cultural walking guided at the City of Nemi and the lake
    • private tour
    • local gastronomic tasting, strawberry and sparkling wine

    Duration: 3 hours

    Price: 75 €


    Number of People: 2-15 pers.

    Private tour


    Departure time: at 10.00 am.

    It is possible accord the time with the guest


    Meeting Point: Nemi City, Rome


    It's possible arrange a shuttle service with private car and driver from your hotel (40 minutes far from the City center) or the International Airport of Fiumicino (50 minutes), with additional cost.

    Write for more info.


    The Place: Roman Castles Park

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