Nemi's Lake & the Ancient Savours

Nemi's Lake - Artemides Teample - Medieval Center

Gastronomic and archaeological tour around the savours road

We start the tour with a tasty breakfast in the Medieval Center of Nemi, the city of the Strawberry, discovering history and miths from the Preistoric Era untill Renaissance. We move for a stroll in the lush of the Park and its magical lake following the Francighena road, we arrive at the Museum of Ships, where we see the remains of the Imperator Caligula's boat. Following the edges of the lake we learn the legends of Albalonga, the big city oldest than Rome, which Virgil described in the Aeneid and we wisit the wineyards of the farm, where we have a deliciuos lunch with typical food. Here we visit the Temple of Diana and we learn some practice of the cult of Artemis. We end the tour with a wine tasting in front of the charming lake.

  • Details

    Unique experience to savour the local food in a typical italian farm, enjoing the madjestic panorama of the lake of Nemi between Medieval cities and Ancient Roman temples.

    Duration: one day
    Price:180 €,
    Archaeological and naturalistic walking tour from the medieval City of Nemi, the lakes and the Park of Roman Castles
    Farm with wineyards
    Visit of the Diana Temple, with ticket
    Gastronomic tasting (5different glasses of wine and special dessert)
    Visit at the Ancient Boat Museum, with ticket
    Ancient Roman cellary entrance with souvenir

    Meeting location: Nemi, in front of the fountain

    End location: At the Farm

    Location options: Specified by Guide, It's possible arrange a shuttle service with private car and driver, with additional cost.