Pitigliano, the old winery tradition

In the earth of Maremma, below the visible village of Pitigliano, there is another invisible one, in the underground, evocative and suggestive. A travel   thorought caves, columbarium ,tunnels and cellars, where they kept fine wines, always of excellent quality. The cellar Pitiglianese is usually built by a "cellaro" or linaio and a deep gorge cut into the tufa, which ends in cooper, where you keep the wine in barrels and carboys. Here there is everything needed to make wine: wine press, line, bigongi, Wine jars, as features breaded and rabbine ceramic, produced on site by "cocciai" of Sorano. The cellars made from the ability to dig the local tuff, have different forms, because they are also the result of transformations of existing rooms: stables,  etruscan tombs, ancient cave and houses. Almost all the wineries have Significantly architectural features ,during our tour you can recognize well squared cellaro and Cooper, also the "mine solution", narrow tunnels to carry out any water infiltrated. Do not miss pillars with capitals, masks, decorated niches. More rare is the throat with pointed arch, as in the old cellar in the Rione "La Fratta", used by the Cooperative Cellar for aging in oak barrels of wine "Gran Tosco" red and white "Sovana Rosso Superiore" and "Red Sovana Reserve", whose name evokes memories of Dante (Purgatorio canto XI, V.58)
  • Details

    Duration: 5-6 hours

    Price: 180 €

     it includes,

    • lunch
    • guided winery tour
    • 3 tastings
    • naturalistic guided tour at Sovana, the Park of Tufe and Pitigliano


    Number of People: 2-45 persone. We use to arrange privato tour


    Departure time: at 10.00 am.

    It is possible accord the time with the guest


    Meeting Point: Sovana City Center

    It's possible arrange a shuttle service with private car and driver from your hotel or the International Airport of Fiumicino, with additional cost. Write for more info.


    The Place: Sovana, Tuscany


    The Area:The tour is located in the Etruscan Archaeological Park with Roman, Etruscan and Jewish testimonies


    What you can do around: Possibility to arrange 

    • Horseriding holiday
    • Ciclyng
    • Term of Sovana


    Other Activities: It is also possible to choose the duration of the vacation, you can also enrich your trip with private cultural tours in the most important tourist attractions around the ranch

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