Romantic Wiew - Itinerary 6


A route through the streets of taste to savor between modern bistros, old taverns and italian specialities, accompanied by our carriage. The tour ,crossing the archeology area of Colosseo,Ludus Magnus ,Forum Romanum, Traineum Fori , Nero's House Venezia Square, bringing us in Monti to admire the charm of a cultural visit between architecture and history, during a nice walk in a swish place. Monti is the first town hall of Rome, urbanistically rather composite with buildings of the first forty years of the kingdom of Italy,antique libraries and the more popular area between Via Nazionale and Via Cavour (Via del Boschetto, Via dei Serpenti, via Panisperna and Via Baccina), which shows pretty houses the best one is Villino Huefferthe, narrow streets,the Exposition's Palace, the Esquilino Theatre, craft shops, small shops seems to preserve the characteristics of the nineteenth-century Rome. Among this mix of cultural and historic identity,we taste specialities of Italian cuisine, the first step a glass of sparkling wine in the amazing garden of Colle Oppio and its incredible view , then move behind Piazza della Madonna where we savour a special dinner under the romantic pergola and the dolce vita's parfume, in this bohemian neighborhood, trendy, with a vibrant atmosphere and a great assortment of inhabitants.

Special night, on Thursday and Saturday we visit the Colosseum by night, for a unique experience, know the city having fun, from the Sunset to the Romantic Night an amazing carriage during a guided tour in the old town of the Eternal City
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    Duration: one day

    Cost: 450 €, the price includes 30 min tour in the old town in a horse carriage for 2 people+ cultural guided tour 2 hour + 2 goblets and tastings+ bottle of wine and tasting + 2 ticket for Colosseo and Fori Imperiali