The Appian Way

Horse riding tour to be completely immersed in Roman civilization through the monuments of the "Regina Viarum" discovering the history from Roman Empire to Middle Eve: all the types of tombs built can be seen here starting with the imponent Cecilia Metella, the biggest villa of the Roman suburb, the Villa Quintili at the fifth mile. We ride in the archaeological park and we visit every museums, also we arrange a nice organic lunch in the friendly garden of the bistro on the Appian Way.

This route cross the basalt quarries, with their sheer cliffs creating a spectacular landscapes which provide shelter to various species of animals and birds, riding into green heart of Rome!
  • Details

    Duration: one day

    Price: € 210, includes equestrian excursion (6-7 hours in the saddle)

    • All Museum Tickets during the tour 
    •  gastronomic tasting
    • lunch


    Level: For beginner and expert riders


    Number of People: 1-15 persone. We use to arrange privato tour


    Departure time: at 10.00 am.

    It is possible accord the time with the guest


    Meeting Point: Appia Antica Caffe,

    you can easily reach the meeting point in 25 minutes of underground plus bus from the City center, ticket price 1.50€

    It's possible arrange a shuttle service with private car and driver from your hotel or the International Airport of Fiumicino( 45 minutes), with additional cost. Write for more info.


    The Place: Appian Park, in Rome


    The Area: This tour is located in the Appian archaeological park, near the Catacombs of S.Sebastiano.



    Other Activities in the City: It is also possible to choose the duration of the vacation, you can also enrich your trip with private cultural tours in the most important tourist attractions in Rome.

    Some example:

    Colosseum, Navona Square, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Founain and much more

    Park with Lake of Nemi and Lake of Albano with wine tour

    with Adrian's Villa, Villa D'Este, Gregoriana Villa and the waterfall, with fishing and tasting experience 

    Archaeological area with the Museum and the Castle of Giulio II