The Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri and Tarquinia

We start this path from the most popular coast for lovers of surf between Santa Marinella and Cerveteri, where more than 2500 years ago lived  the Etruscans, a proud people of fighters who arrived at the highest levels in the arts and social structure. They had a secular hegemony especially in the southern part of Tuscany and Lazio before the advent of Rome , leaving ample evidence today well conserved and perfectly integrated with the natural scenography of the Park as Tarquinia and its Salt flats . The great sense of devotion and respect for the dead is reflected in the extraordinary burial sites such as the Necropolis with their urban structure and the frescoes in the burial chambers ,that represent a unique and exceptional testimony today Unesco heritage .

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    Duration: One Day
    Price : 180 € ,including
    walking guided tour,
    with entrance tickets and gastronomic tasting