Villas and Wild Nature, Tivoli

Adrian's Villa, D'Este Villa and Gregoriana Villa

Hadrian, was one of the most important figures of ancient Rome, we visit his elegant country residence, consists of about 30 buildings into a splendid park that shows the remains of an imperial palace, huge with many passages and tunnels that lead to broad and diverse facilities such as lakes, therms, private gardens, swimming pools , theaters and libraries to discover the Imperial lifestyle.
We move to the enchanting Villa d'Este, built by Cardinal Ippolito d'Este in 1550 with its impressive symphony of countless fountains, grottoes, nymphs, carved stones and water, located in the heart of the magnificent garden Italian style that recalls the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
The third stage is Villa Gregoriana, built in the XVI a. c. with forests, waterfalls, views, cliffs, ancient ruins, a river swallowed up in the bowels of the earth, it is an enchanted place known for the majesty of its waterfall, second bigger in Italy, it holds the title of first hydroelectric power plant in Europe.
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    Archaeological and naturalistic walking tour in three elegant Villas, discovering history and miths from the Roman Empire, crossing the Renaissance arriving at the Pope's Villa with the spectacular panorama of waterfall, the second biggest of Italy and its enchanting park

    Archaeological and naturalistic walking tour in Villa Adiana, Villa Gregoriana and Villa D'Este
    with typical italian gastronomic tasting

    Cost: 150
    Duration: one day

    Meeting location: Tivoli Train Station

    End location: Historical Center of Tivoli

    Location options: Rail or Bus Station, Specified by Guide, It's possible arrange a shuttle service with private car and driver, with additional cost.